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dc.identifier.isbn 978-83-63542-22-1
dc.description.abstract PARIS is a collaborative international project ( to construct and operate a novel gamma-ray calorimeter, which profits wholly or in part from employment of novel, advanced scintillator materials, such as Lanthanum Bromide, and which should have performances superior to any other existing scintillator calorimeter. In fact, PARIS is eminently portable and could be used at different international facilities using both stable or radioactive beams. The present report, the PARIS White Book, is intended to provide a general description of the performances of the PARIS array, of the different laboratories which could, in the next years, host it and of the physics cases that can be addressed by the PARIS array. The presented physics cases are obviously not exhaustive. They simply give some examples where the physical information, provided by the PARIS array, is understood to be the key point for the success of the measurement. As the physics cases will also depend on the detector arrays which will be coupled to PARIS in the future years, and on the beams (stable or radioactive) provided by the hosting laboratory, this list of possible experiments is expected to increase with the years. It is the intention of this White Book to support the collaboration and help to decide on the future PARIS campaigns, as well as on its promising enhancement to 4π. pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.language.iso eng pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.publisher Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.rights Uznanie autorstwa 4.0 Międzynarodowe *
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dc.title PARIS White Book pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.type Book pl_PL.UTF-8

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