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Pomiary radonu w budynkach na terenie Kotliny Jeleniogórskiej w ramach projektu UE pt. „RADON – jak z nim żyć?”

Show simple item record Kozak, Krzysztof Mazur, Jadwiga Kochowska, Elżbieta Grządziel, Dominik Hovhannisyan, H. Haber, Ryszard Zdziarski, Tadeusz 2018-01-12T08:23:46Z 2018-01-12T08:23:46Z 2008
dc.description.abstract The radon measurements in dwellings were performed on the area of Jeleniogórska valley (Sudety mountains region) within the frame of the project “Radon, how to live with it?”. The project was supported by EU founds and its goal was to widen the local community knowledge on natural radiation (with special emphasis on radon). The measurements were performed by the Laboratory of Radiometric Expertise, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences and were organized by The Polish Ecology Club. The Sudety region is the area where uranium deposits occur. It is directly connected with its geological structure. Therefore it is the region where higher radon concentration can appear. The radon concentration were checked in about 50 houses (in 20 villages) using CR-39 track detectors (manufactured by RadoSys, Hungary). The highest radon concentrations were obtained in cellars, lower values were found on the ground floors and the lowest ones on the first floors with the average values: 1310 Bq/m3, 220 Bq/ m3, 130 Bq/m3, respectively. The measured values exceed the average value of radon concentration for polish dwellings – 49 Bq/m3 [data given by Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection, Warsaw). Additionally, two seminars were organized for the local community. The first one dealt with the natural radiation in Sudety in general, and the second one reviewed the results obtained during the project duration. pl_PL.UTF-8
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dc.publisher Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.relation.ispartofseries Raport IFJ PAN;2017/AP
dc.title Pomiary radonu w budynkach na terenie Kotliny Jeleniogórskiej w ramach projektu UE pt. „RADON – jak z nim żyć?” pl_PL.UTF-8
dc.type Report pl_PL.UTF-8

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